Pacem Foods Pvt Ltd., is a South Indian based exporter, manufacturer’s representative and  wholesale distributor for Exotic and Aromatic Spices, Herbs, Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Natural  Colors and more. With its  headquarters in Cochin, Kerala, PACEM has the  capabilities to serve customers internationally, especially those in the US, Canada and Europe.

 PACEM's capability to offer oleoresins and essential oils comes as good news to the food, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance industries. With a product range that now also includes a wide variety of products that focus on plant-derived ingredients for flavour and fragrance solutions, PACEM is confident in it's abilities to meet the needs of its customers and provide them with all the services they require.                                                                                                                                                                   

 PACEM has a distinct competitive edge to assist customers in choosing and determining the correct ingredients suitable to meet the needs of their business. In doing so, Pacem has gained the capability to provide custom-tailored spice products to meet customer specifications, enabling us to become an emerging powerhouse in the ingredient industry. 

 PACEM is committed to food safety and offering its customers the highest quality ingredients to meet their needs and desires. Therefore, all our standard products are either ETO treated or Steam sterilized, and we are happy to provide the necessary supporting food safety and quality documents to our prospective customers. All this in combination with value enhancing, visual and flavour appealing characteristics makes spices  an even more enjoyable experience!